In honor of things that once were, before my dog tried to eat them

Things I didn’t, but perhaps should have expected my dog to eat:

  • The wall
  • My remote control
  • The remote control my neighbor let me borrow after Gus ate mine
  • My phone cord
  • Tristram Shandy (that was embarrassing to explain to the librarians)
  • That wasn’t the only book (see evidence below)
  • My computer cord
  • A “Save the Date” card for one of my best friend’s wedding (Sorry, Christiana!)
  • His foot
  • His life-size pound puppy toy (Self-loathing? Cannibalism?)
  • Coconut oil and lotion. Every single time I put it on.
  • My student’s homework. Yes, really.

5 thoughts on “In honor of things that once were, before my dog tried to eat them

    1. That is a great question! I thought he was a beagle mix when I got him, and he might be. But he definitely has some larger hound in him as well–maybe treeing walker coonhound? He’s about 50 pounds now, which is bigger than a beagle would usually be at his age. But he’s a rescue dog, so who knows?

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    1. It’s true. Yours was the first computer cord he ate. I guess it gave him a taste for others. As far as the save the date, I already RSVP’d, thank you very much. Go me.


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